The Cherokee Legion was formed by volunteers primarily from Cherokee County, Georgia, to resist the Union incursion into northern Georgia during 1863. The Legion was mustered for six months service within an area bounded by the borders of the state north of a line from West Point, Georgia, to the Elbert County Courthouse, to the Savannah River. It was not a unit composed of members of the Cherokee Nation, except that individual members may have been all or part Cherokee. The Legion did most of its service around Rome, Georgia, and apparently saw no significant action.  Service with the Cherokee Legion will qualify its members' male descendants  for membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Over 700 men and boys reported for enlistment of which only 200 were needed. Many were "detailed" to get the Legion down to authorized strength. Many men who enlisted were deferred because of their age, being below 18 or infirm. Others who enlisted were soon conscripted into regular service in the Confederate Army. Some enlisted in one company only to be mustered into another. Some went on to serve in the regular Confederate service after their service in the Legion ended, so this record may not be all that is available.

A complete, definitive treatise on the Cherokee Legion is available for purchase from the author, Mr. Pat Cates. This book contains the complete muster lists, including the youngsters who enlisted but who were not allowed to serve, as well as copies of historical documents and maps. Copies may be ordered for $20.00 postpaid. Mr. Cates' address is: 174 Beaver Pond Rd., Woodstock, GA, 30188. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book go to support the preservation activities of the the local Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 914. 

Contact Mr. Cates, the Authority on the Cherokee Legion.

Officers of the Cherokee Legion

James E. Rusk, Colonel
Benjamin Hill, Lieutenant Colonel
E.G. Grambling, Major
Isaac McConnell, AQM

Company A, Cherokee Legion Cavalry
"Cherokee Rangers"

Patrick H. Brewster, Captain
B.F. Strain, 1st Lt.
James Jordan, 2nd Lt.
S.K. Payne, 2nd Lt.
J.R. Galt, 2nd Lt.

Company B, Cherokee Legion Cavalry
"Milton Cavalry"

J.J. Sentell, Captain
William S. Grogan, 1st Lt.
John S. James, 2nd Lt.
Sylvester Nesbit, 2nd Lt.

Company C, Cherokee Legion Cavalry
"Cherokee Lincoln Killers"

W.W.Worley, Captain
T.G. Underwood, 1st Lt.
A.P. Lathem, 2nd Lt.
Leroy Wilson, 2nd Lt.
M.W. Fowler, 2nd Lt.

Company D, Cherokee Legion Cavalry

William H. Dean, Captain
George Barnes, 1st Lt.
John F. Hause, 2nd Lt.
Joseph McConnell, 2nd Lt.
John P. Boring, 2nd Lt.

Company E, Cherokee Legion Cavalry

W.W. Harris, Captain
G.W. Hallman, 1st Lt.
J.L. Hughes, 2nd Lt.
William Clement, 2nd Lt.

Company A, Cherokee Legion Infantry
"Cherokee Revengers"

Newton J. Perkins, Captain
George W. Crowley, 1st Lt.
James H. Holbrook, 2nd Lt.
Larkin Smith, 2nd Lt.

Company B, Cherokee Legion Infantry
"Canton Infantry"

John B. Garrison, Captain
A.H. Shuford, 1st Lt.
Isaac Ingram, 2nd Lt.
James L. D. Harbin, 2nd Lt.
Jesse B. Langston, Captain
John W. McCollum, 1st Lt.
Joseph E. Hutson, 2nd Lt.

Company C, Cherokee Legion Infantry
"Cherokee Home Guards"

William T. Dowda, Captain
Alfred Burns, 1st Lt.
John G. Cobb, 2nd Lt.
William Barton, 2nd Lt.

Company D, Cherokee Legion Infantry
"Cherokee Repellers"

James L. Harris, Captain
John W. Hill, 1st Lt.
William W. Bagwell, 2nd Lt.
Nathaniel O. Tuell, 2nd Lt.

Company E, Cherokee Legion Infantry
"Cherokee Volunteers"

A.J. Covington, Captain
James Walker, 1st Lt.
John H. Covington, 1st Lt.
Isaac Morris, 2nd Lt.
George W. Chumley, 2nd Lt.
Thomas Smith, 2nd Lt.

Company F, Cherokee Legion Infantry
"Salacoa Silver Greys"

Henry P. Fuller, Captain
J.W. Pritchett, 1st Lt.
Obadiah Taylor, 2nd Lt.
James S. Hamlett, 2nd Lt.

Company G, Cherokee Legion Infantry
"Cherokee Stone Walls"

John L. Worley, Captain
John T. Ponder, 1st Lt.
Stephen D. Coward, 2nd Lt.
Samuel C. Cook, 2nd Lt.

Company H, Cherokee Legion Infantry

Thomas J. Edwards, Captain
Rufus R. Wiley, 1st Lt.
Anderson D. Smith, 2nd Lt.
Green B. Holbrook, 2nd Lt.

Company I, Cherokee Legion Infantry
"Pickens Raid Repellers"

James Bruce, Captain
Charles M. McClure, 1st Lt.
Joseph Williams, 2nd Lt.
William Forrester, 2nd Lt.

Company K, Cherokee Legion Infantry
"Forsyth Mounted Grays"

Hubbard Barker, Captain
Martin Graham, 1st Lt.
Thomas J. Pilgrim, 1st Lt.
William D. Bently, 2nd Lt.

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